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FMR is a UK-based research and consultancy firm. We provide insight-based development initiatives and consultancy support for senior leaders and organisations. We work internationally, with clients in the private, public, and third sectors, from entrepreneurial startups to listed organisations and governmental bodies. 

We believe in global citizenship. Capable organisations backed by good leadership and sound strategic decision-making can generate positive results for society. 

Our collaborations include:

Consulting Mastered exists to help consultants, and consultancies, to succeed.

Lead by Professor Joe O’Mahoney, Professor of Consulting at Cardiff University, and supported by:

Professor Simon Haslam, Visiting Professor at Durham University Business School and Chairman of the Academic Fellows at International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI);

And Martin J. Williams, a >25-year management consulting veteran and expert in marketing professional services firms and selling consulting services.

The Management Consulting Journal is published twice per year and is for anyone working in or interested in management consulting. The aims of the journal are to:
  • Highlight and debate issues pertinent to the management consulting sector and management consulting practice.
  • Focus mainly on issues which have practical value, rather than discussing conceptual principles and theory.
  • Promote understanding of the management consulting sector and the practice of management consulting.
The eLearning Organisation (eLO) is dedicated to providing institutions developing enterprise and entrepreneurship with a flexible and versatile learning platform to boost programme impact by incorporating an online learning component. Clients benefit from a dedicated area that contains the content to support their programme.

Strategic Decision Making: A Discovery-Led Approach to Critical Choices in Turbulent Times’ was published in 2018. It provides insight into strategic decision making from Dr. Simon Haslam and Dr. Ben Shenoy.

FMR is a net-zero enterprise. 

To discuss a project, please contact:

Professor Simon Haslam, Director

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